Pixamal Zoo Logo
Flier for a job as a zoo keeper

There was once a wondrous zoo, right here where we stand. It was filled with animals of all kinds, beautiful decorations and visitors as far as the eye could see.

But that was a long time ago…

Now, the once beautiful zoo is rundown - its biggest attraction, Timmy the Trash Panda, is not really that impressive - and the council wants to turn the zoo into a carpark.

An animation showing a concrete path through the zoo. Various people are shown walking along the path, and occasionally a zoo keeper is chasing after an escaped animal.

Only you can help save the zoo! So, do you want the job?

Care for your Pixamals

Feed your Pixamals, clean their enclosures, and their love for you grows. Get more Pixamals everyday to expand the zoo, but watch out when Pixamals escape!

An animation showing the player cleaning an animal enclosure containing a Lion, then fixing some fences for an enclosure with a Kangaroo, then chasing after a Monkey that has escaped

Work with a Friend

Two heads are better than one! Two player LAN and internet coop allows you to get help from a friend to care for the zoo. Because it’s always more fun with a friend.

An animation showing two players working together to pick up debris, clean enclosures and fix fences

Save the zoo!

See your hard work pay off as the zoo goes from rundown and sad, to thriving and impressive! Improve enclosures and decorate the zoo to get more land and attract more visitors.

An animation showing a flier for a job opening at the zoo, followed by an old zoo keeper explaining how the zoo might be shut down, then a shot of the run down zoo