A game about being a zoo keeper

You’ve taken a job as the Zookeeper of a rundown zoo that will soon be turned into a carpark. Improve the zoo and fill it with adorable Pixamals to get more fame and visitors. Only you can save the zoo!

Care for Creatures Big and Small

  • Prepare food and feed Pixamals
  • Clean and repair broken enclosures
  • Chase and capture escaped Pixamals!
  • Search for hidden stashes of goodies stolen by Timmy the Racoon
  • Master each Pixamal Species for rewards!
  • Play with a friend - 2 Player co-op available by LAN or internet

Design your zoo

  • Build and upgrade enclosures
  • Decorate the zoo with plants, monuments, fountains and more
  • Reach greater zoo fame to unlock new rewards
  • Hire staff to help out!
  • Build vehicles and shortcuts to help you get around even faster

A Story with Character

  • Save a run down zoo from being turned into a car park
  • Meet zany characters including Billy the hopeless 'veteran' zoo keeper, Timmy the master thief racoon, and Mr McDougal the cold and heartless executive
  • Encounter several surprises and unique story quests
  • Complete story quests to be rewarded with new features, Pixamal species, and Steam achievements


Pixamal Zoo
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