Pixamal Zoo Coming to Early Access Oct 31st 2019

September 18, 2019 by Monkey Maneuvers

We are excited to announce that Pixamal zoo will be available for Early Access on Steam from the 31st October 2019 (3PM AEST)!

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In Pixamal Zoo you will help to restore a rundown zoo to its former glory in a casual, coop RPG. We have built with a coop experience in mind, so while you can play single player, why not grab your friend, sibling or spouse? After all two is more chaos fun!

The initial early access game will contain all the core gameplay elements essential to the full experience including:

  • interactions with Pixamals (animals) like feeding, petting and escapes
  • the ability to upgrade and decorate the zoo - which has over 70 enclosures and 100 spaces for decorations
  • Early to mid stages of our story plot where you are helping to save the zoo from unscrupulous carpark developers and win over the local mayor
  • NPC visitors to your zoo unlocked during the story

For early access we will only be releasing in English language and with support for Windows 7 and 10 - though we do plan to release to OSX shortly thereafter.

During early access we plan to work on adding much more content including more Pixamal and decoration types as well as the late stages of the story. We also want to look at playable character customisation (for early release we will only have 2 playable characters) and more zoo layouts/maps (for early release there is one map layout).

We are also excited to get feedback during early access on other features suggested by our community - but more on that later!

For now, make sure to wishlist us on Steam and join our communities on Facebook, Twitter or Discord today for updates!