macOS will not be supported for early access release

October 10, 2019 by Monkey Maneuvers

It is with a heavy heart that we change our stance on supporting macOS for our early access release. While we had already worked through the last game-specific issues to offer Mac support, we have now become aware of the full extent of Apple’s announcement regarding notarization requirements from version 10.15 Catalina.

During early access, it is our plan to release updates frequently. As a solo developer, I want to spend every minute on new fixes and features to improve the experience of our early access supporters. This is fundamentally incompatible with these notarization requirements.

While thinking through the decision, we realised that by continuing early access support for macOS, this would either mean that (i) macOS versions would need to be several releases behind Windows, or (ii) we would need to release less frequently to devote more time to managing these requirements. Both of these are not good options for us.

We will continue to monitor, across the course of our early access, any changes in Apple’s requirements as they impact the game development community.

I guess this is to say there may be a future point where we will reconsider, but for now we will be solely on Windows. Thanks for your support.